Passive thermal and infrared covert identification systems


What is infrared?

Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are slightly longer than visible red light and shorter than microwaves, because the wavelengths are around 800 nm to 1mm it is completely invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Night vision devices allow you utilise this light using two different techniques, thermal imaging and image intensifiers. Both give you the ability to see in the dead of night.
Thermal imaging cameras work on the basis that everything emits infrared light (radiation) gathering it and producing an image to allow you to distinguish between warm living objects and the cooler environment surrounding them.
Secondly image intensifiers gather all available light photons (visible and non-visible) and converts them into electrons, multiplies the electrons, then through a phosphor screen converts the multiplied electrons back into light photons creating an intensified visible image of the viewed area.


Most image intensifiers also offer an IR illuminating capability which floods the viewing area with infrared light to brighten and enhance the visible detail of the environment, whilst remaining invisible to the human eye. Our infrared identification systems are designed to take advantage of the light emitted from these IR illuminating night vision devices by using military grade reflective materials that send every infrared light photon back to the image intensifier, making more electrons available to be multiplied and converted back into photons to create a intense reflective signature from the product.

Inverted V Infrared Reflective Vehicle Decals

The products transmit a high intensity infrared reflective signature with an IR transmission value of >70% at 835nm. Using an IR capable PVS-14 night vision device items in the product range can be identified at over 800 metres. Thecombat identity products are customised to meet the specific construction, infrared performance and visual signature requirements of our military, security and police clients worldwide.

Product Range Includes:

• Uniform Patches and Insignia       • Self Adhesive Vehicle V’s
• Dual ID Products                            • Adjustable Neoprene Armbands
• Helmet Schims                               • Double Sided Hanging IR Reflectors
• Antenna Markers                           • Blood Group Patches

The products within the 100 combat ID range have full colour surface detail that accurately replicates any national flag or service insignia. Depending on the optical patterning technique used, a full 100% infrared reflective signature can be achieved. This technique enables the reproduction of vehicle camouflage colour schemes so the infrared vehicle markers appear more subdued in daylight conditions.

The infrared reflective “UpArrow” inverted V marker uses a superior metallised prismatic retro-reflective base material. This produces a high grade infrared reflective signature with a IR transmission value of >70% at 835nm, viewable over 800m using a PVS-14 night vision device. UpArrow markers have a matt diffuse pattern finish on a clear abrasion resistant coating giving superior performance and durability in aggressive operational environments.

Inverted V Infrared Reflective Vehicle Decals       Inverted V Infrared Reflective Vehicle Decals        Inverted V Infrared Reflective Vehicle Decals

passive thermal solutions for the covert identification of personnel, vehicles and equipment

TWO Sided Identification Safety Panel
(Roll down troop version : attaches to PAL webbing: either Body Vest / Rucksack)
Active Electronics ultra-lightweight personnel Daylight and Thermal Identification Marker (PTIM). Thermal signature area measures 300 x 350mm, light weight and easily deployed and stowed.

Side One: Highly visible Orange Ripstop nylon fabric for daylight marking and identification
Side Two : Thermal reflective material produces a high contrast passive thermal signal that can be seen day or night by thermal imagers. The surface emits a strong cold thermal image that can be seen across a wide range of deployment angles - vertical to horizontal plane.
Construction: The panel is constructed from a mixture of textiles with additional webbing reinforcements providing a robust and light weight marker, the panel can be attached via the 20mm OD anodised brass corner eyelets.

Passive thermal solutions for the covert-2         Passive thermal solutions for the covert-2        Ultra ligth weight thermal indentifaction         Thermal identification

GTAS Panels

As aircraft systems used for search and rescue have improved, moving from the crews eyes and use of binoculars to the array of thermal cameras in use of today. The ground to air panel (GTAS) system is unique in that it can be deliver a high contrast passive signal that can be seen by all thermal imagersby night and day. Rugged, lightweight, simple to deploy and relying on no power to operate GTAS system will continue to work until the moment you are recovered.

GTAS Panels solutions for the covert identification of personnel, vehicles and equipment          GTAS Panels solutions for the covert identification of personnel, vehicles and equipment - 2


IR Reflective Badges, Patches and Insignia

An Infrared identification system that enables a full colour badge or insignia to be produced whilst still achieving a 100% infrared reflective signature.
The 100 infrared badges are backed by a power hook for greater strength and security when working with uniforms that have existing hook and loop capabilities. Once backed with this superior hook, badges are still completely flexible and can maintain a secure fastening to any flat or irregular surface whilst resisting any stresses from surrounding environments.

If a power hook backing isn't required the patches and products are also available on:
•    Fabric, suitable to be sewn onto clothing
•    Permanent adhesive with strong abrasion resistance
•    Magnetic for re-appliable uses
With the registered 100 full colour optical patterning technique any flag or insignia can be reproduced and still maintain an uninterrupted infrared reflective signature, specific to each client’s operational requirements.

We aim to work with clients to produce a completely unique custom-made infrared product manufactured with millimetre precision to keep the wearer, vehicle or equipment visible and safe.

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