Aiming Post Lamp

Self-Luminous Aiming Post Lamps enable establishment
and maintenance of covert infantry and artillery weapons
alignment in darkness.


  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions
  • Differentiation enabled by colour and mask options
  • Secure viewing angle of just 7.5° (133 mrads)
  • No batteries, bulbs or maintenance required
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to deploy
  • Extensive operational life
  • NATO Stock Number: Green 1290-99-960-8742
    Orange 1290-99-960-8743


    Standard green and amber Aiming Post Lamps produce
    330 µL and 160 µL respectively enabling visibility with
    the naked eye at up to 200 m in starlight conditions when
    viewed directly through the lens. The lens limits the angle
    of viewing to 7.5° to ensure security. Lamp output is not
    affected by temperature, humidity or altitude.


  • Mortar alignment: using alternate green and orange
    Lamps, a series of mortars can be aligned by sitting a
    Lamp in front of each weapon on a reference bearing.
    Used with a Dial Sight, mortar alignment can be
    accurately maintained.
  • Field artillery alignment: a pair of Lamps, together with
    a Dial sight is used to set up filed artillery in darkness.
    The Lamps are placed in line at measured distances
    from the weapon, enabling accurate maintenance of
  • Gun aiming point for AFVs, readily established in
    daylight, with colours enabling differentiation between
    troops and weapons.


    The Lamp assembly can be supplied with a choice of robust,
    adjustable clamps to facilitate easy fixing to either round or
    square section supports from 13 mm to 38 mm
    in diameter.


    Lamps are encased in polyamide (DIN 7228) black, the lens
    is acrylic. Clamps are constructed in mild steel and finished
    in military green.


    To enable lamp differentiation and speculations, aluminium
    masks are available for clip fitting, directly onto the Lamp.
    Masks incorporate cut out legend in either ‘+’ or ‘-’ shapes
    and are finished matt black. Special legends can be
    produced to customer requirements.


    Diameter : 45 mm
    Width (incl. clamp) : 70 mm
    Overall length : 72 mm
    Overall lenght (incl. mask) : 75 mm
    Lamp weight : 81 g
    Clamp weight (round) : 138 g
    Clamp weight (square) : 115 g
    Weight (nom) : 28 g


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