Self-Luminous alarm clock

A no-nonsense alarm clock that incorporates the very best self-luminous
technology … to make it quick and easy to tell the time in darkness

  • Sixteen reliable light sources (hour/minute/second/alarm hands & dial)
  • Continuous illumination for ten years
  • Step movement
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use

No pressing buttons or fumbling for switches in the middle of the night.
Just a glance will enable you to tell the time … and give you a clear view
of how long until the alarm goes off! The illuminated second hand lets you
know that the clock has not stopped. So you can relax and concentrate on
sleeping! This compact alarm clock will prove to be a useful and reliable travelling companion.


Each T25 Alarm Clock incorporates sixteen  Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS), 
which provide a reliable, safe and self-powered source of continuous radioluminescent light output. No battery or charging by ambient light is required by the GTLS during the lifetime of the product.Each GTLS comprises a sealed borosilicate glass capsule which contains a tiny amount of gaseous tritium, the power supply for the device. GTLS contain no moving parts and, because the unit is continuously energised, an off on switch is not required. They will remain energised for more than 10 maintenance-free years, even during extended periods of complete darkness.
Five attractive ABS case colour options



Weight: 40g (64g including battery)
Dimension: 56x57x28 mm
Battery (required for clock movement only): 1 x AA
Available in the colours, red, black. purple, blue and light blue


The T25 Alarm Clock is designed with reliability and
simplicity in mind. As compact, lightweight and straightforward
as possible, they will simply do the job and give years of safe,
dependable, practical service.

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