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Betalight offer you total design flexibility. They can be produced in straight tubes, disk and spheres to suit all individual applications. Sizes vary from the smallest tube, with a diameter of 0,65 mm and 2,5 mm length, up to disks of 90mm diameter and tubes up to 200 mm in length.

The brightness of a newly manufactured Betalight depends on the thickness of the coating, the geometric shape, the purity of gas used, and the filling pressure from the source. Through the paint on a reflective layer of the light can be further intensified. One of the main points; the colour of the light. A green Betalight with identical properties is always brighter than one colour in red or blue.

Green colour is normally recommended due to its efficient and visual brightness, Betalights can be produced in any colour within the visible spectrum.



Do : Overall diameter         Ri : Inside radius                     Li : Lit length             Lo : Overall length         
Ho : Overall height              WD : Window diameter       P : Pip height            Wo : Overall width
Ø : Angle of arc


1. Dimensions

All dimensions are in mm refer to glasswork only. 
Paint should be allowed for separately and is normally
0.25 mm thick. 

2. Brightness

Betalight brightness is measured photopically in microlamberts.
(1 microlambert = 9.29 x 10&sup4; foot lamberts and 3.18 x 10³ 
candelas per square metre.

Details and illustrations represent the Betalight basic range only.
Betalights can be manufactured to suit individual requirements in
any colour in the spectrum and to virtually any size or shape.

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