(IR) driving lights


All our LED lighting systems are high specification, rugged and designed specifically for challenging environments. Switching to LED technology from incandescent or fluorescent lighting can provide cost, weight and energy savings and LED products offer improved reliability with a higher MTBF (mean time before failure).The lighting range includes commercial off the shelf products for both upgrade and new build programmes. The team also specialises in the bespoke design of full lighting solutions and have experience of working with world class manufacturers.

Covert vehicle lighting systems

  • Excellent NVG visibility, enhancing operational capability
  • Day time speeds with NV goggles
  • Drive safely in convoy
  • Provides depth perception under canopy, clouds and dark sky
  • All products are designed for the toughest military environments and offer a high MTBF, outstanding durability and EMC performance.

iR Covert Convoy / Brake Light

Riding safely at night while using Night Vision Goggles is now possible with Covert Convoy Lights. These low intensity lights improve the driver's perception of distance caused and reduce the risk of collisions with the vehicle in front.


• IR Diodes create a carefully tailored beam shape for optimised NVG performance
• Radiation pattern minimises NVG signature
• Common light unit with a variety of fixings available to suit any vehicle
• Robust, reliable, lightweight
• Power Supply +12VDC or 24VDC
• Finish - Black Anodised
• Wavelength 880nm
• Wattage 2W
• Sealed to IP67
• Optional mounting bracket
• 940nm version fitted with an blocking filter is available for users who require elimination of the red glow but with thesame optical power output

Covert Driving light

The lights improve the capabilities of each vehicle while using Night Vision. The lights produce a custom-made beam of 880 nm designed to illuminate a detailed area at the front of the vehicle while maintaining a low NVG signature. IP67 and can be mounted on any vehicle using a bracket.


• IR Diodes provide low intensity illumination
• Option to incorporate indicator function
• Electrical Interface unit available to suit a variety of vehicles
• Robust, reliable, lightweight
• Power Supply +12vdc or +24vdc (or other as required)
• Paint Finish - Black or Green (other colours available)
• Diode output (880nm) characteristics matched to goggle performance


High Power Driving lights

Our high performance LED lights giving the operators that powerful punch of light they are looking for at night, while maintaining the widespread visibility – lighting things up for both onand off-road.
Our military LED technology is designed to eliminates heat signature based on extremely lowpower usage.

Rear IR Tail and Brake light in service

- STANAG 4381compliant , Nato Stock numbered
- Visibility s up to 75 meter (improves driving speed)
- Optimised for best performance for use as a Headlight in the spectrum with TVS NVG’s
- Optimised for best performance for use of REDeye IR reflective Indicators
(up to 800m)
- NVG Compatible, NVG Friendly and Covert technology
- hiHgh MTBF, outstanding durability and EMC performance.

Installed on the following vehicles

- Defenture vector
- Mercedes 12kN AASLT
- BV206 / BV 10
- Yamaha motorcycles
- MRAP Cougar / Mastiff
- Jackal / Jackal 2 / Coyote
- Husky
- Iveco
- Boxer


These specifications are the requirements for Signal Lamps with an Infra-Red secure LED
Light source designed for the Military sector.
The specifications are designed with a general reference to, and are not necessarily compliant
-STANAG 4381 PCS (Edition 1) – Blackout Lighting Systems for Tactical Land Vehicles.
-MIL-PRF-32212A – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Composite Stop, Rear Turn Signal
and Tail Lamps with Infra-Red secure Blackout Tail and Blackout Stop Lamps.
-MIL-PRF-32214 – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Composite Front Park and Turn Signal Lamp, with Infra-Red Secure Front Blackout Marker Lamp.
-MIL-PRF-32215A – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Infra-Red Secure Blackout Front Driving Lamp.
-MIL-PRF-32213 – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Clearance / Side Marker and identifiaction lamps

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