Our goal is to make the process of Recycling or Disposal of
Tritium H3 light sources GTLS or light devices GTLD fast and easy.

Time-expired Betalights are removed for proper recycling or refurbishment. If necessary, new Betalights will be manufactured and installed. Betalights are used widely in many different applications across industries. From helicopter flightdecks to locomotive brake pressure gauges. From heritage buildings to offshore platforms.

We also have access to international disposal and recycling routes for most types of radioactive material. The complex nature of radioactive material recycling means that many organisations require guidance throughout the disposal or recycling process. We have the knowledge to advise and support you through this process.

Examples of radioactive material are:
-          DU metal
-          All Uranium compounds (e.g Uranyl nitrate)
-          All Thorium compounds (e.g Thorium nitrate)
-          Am-241, Am-241/Be, Cs-137, Kr-85 sealed sources
-          High active Co-60 sources


  1. Our staff are well versed in the regulatory requirements.

  2. Step by step assistance. From completing the initial paperwork until the shipment of tritium products leaves your facility, we’re here to help.

  3. The most competitive prices in the disposal industry.

  4. Quick turnaround. We will process your request
     for disposal within days rather than weeks.

  5. Providing packaging and packing instructions and organizing transportation according IATA regulations.

  6. A fully licensed shipping destination. Whether you need to process just one source or thousands sources, let the knowledgeable staff of Betalight b.v. help you perform your disposal quickly, easily and affordably.

We are specialised in recycling, supplying and refurbishment of gaseous tritium light sources and light devices and in collaboration with our partners we are able to recycle most types of radioactive material.

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