IR Electrical Lighting & IR Betalight

IR Electrical Lighting

We offer infrared H3 lighting equipment designed for use in extreme operating conditions. Ideal for use in covert military and law enforcement operations. The advanced solutions maximise the effectiveness of night vision equipment such as Night Vision Goggles (NVG) by ensuring there is no interference from lighting.

Our betalight H3 products include; external aircraft lighting, flight deck lighting for covert operations at sea and external IR vehicle lighting as well as dual mode internal vehicle solutions. (Visible NVG Friendly and IR covert)
All products are designed for the toughest military environments, They are highly reliable and are outstanding durability and with EMC performance.

Our innovative lighting is combination of technology with endless possibilities, if you have a special requirement please leave your request in the “more information box” below.

IR Betalight

We can produce every betalight from the “light sources” page in infra-red. The difference between IR betalights and IR electrical lights is the brightness and the power supply.
IR Betalights operates for more then 15 years without the need of electricity or ambient light for charging. IR Betalights can be assembled into the torch, helmet markers, Soldier Personal Illuminator, equipment-markers and multipurpose markers.


  • Only visible with night vision equipment
  • Maintenance-free, no batteries or bulbs required
  • Lightweight, fully water proof, long operational life
  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions
  • The IR Betalight can be manufactured in every size
    and shape


  • Infantry Night Aid: personnel marking during night patrols
  • Position marking for close air support
  • Passive IR is recommended for Marines on the ground
  • Landing site marking for helicopter
  • Buzz saw, for position marking for air support


From the air, IR lamps are usually more visible than
coloured lights. IR Betalights are not as visible on
high-light-level nights.


IR Betalights can be assembled into the torch, helmet
markers, Soldier Personal Illuminator, kitmarkers and
multipurpose markers.

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