5 in 1 multifunction

Fire Starter

Our multifunctional fire starter is a must-have for every hiker, fisher, camper, Boy Scout, soldier or survivalist. Its small and a light device and easy to pack and carry with you anywhere you need it.

Fire starter
By striking the magnesium (flint) rod with the steel blade, an efficiently intense shower of sparks is generated. Essential for camping or for an emergency situation where you might need a fire for cooking or warmth.

Emergency whistle
An emergency whistle is an essential part of your survival and general outdoor kit. It’s a piece of equipment that could save your life in case of emergency.

A self-luminous light source, securely embedded within the unit enables the fire starter to be used in low-light and dark conditions as a marker for quick identification trench marking, safe-lane, hazard marking or location of assets. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness.

It is a small knife which is useful as back-up knife, but generally its designed for striking the flint.

Glass breaker
At the bottom of the tool you can find a glass breaker. It is a small hand tool designed to aid in the emergency extrication of occupants from a vehicle. Or you can use for self-defence.

The 5 in 1 Fire starter utilise a corrosion-resistant clip to provide flexible, quick and easy fixing in your pocket or to portable and fixed equipment. 


  • Fire starter magnesium rod
  • Tungsten steel glass breaker
  • Knife Blade
  • Emergency survival whistle
  • Easy carry pen clip


  • Weight: 40 gram
  • Lenght: 15 cm / 5,91 inch
  • Diameter: 11 cm / 0,42 inch
  • Colour: Black
  • EAN 7111306098431


The illumination is provided by a betalight ( 1.5 x 6.0 mm) fixed securly within the unit. Betalights are self-powered, providing an absolutely reliable light source throughout their service life of 10 years. They contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free. Available in 9 colours: green, yellow, orange, red, white, blue, purple, pink and ice-blue


  • Pen Clip - Maganese steel
  • Body - Aluminum
  • Fire starter - Magnesium Rod
  • Knife - Fe 2CR13
  • Glass breaker - Tungsten steel

Three easy steps to light a fire

1. Find some dry hay, leaf or tissue
2. Scratch off some magnesium powder
3. Scrape to generate sparkles




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