The glowpad is a revolutionary and easy-to-use product when it comes to safety in all kinds of areas.

The glowpad is innovative because of its light as a feather weight, 8 day luminescence, flexibility, and dependability. It offers endless, indoor and outdoor uses. You don't need to worry if the batteries are fully charged. The glowpad doesn't need any energy source, it has no moving parts, no glass and it is waterproof.

The product is easily to store, it can be folded and has a lifetime of three years. This illumination tool is made of a flexible plastic containing a thin-walled aluminium laminate and looks similar to a flat pharmaceutical tablet package with blister/pockets.

When the aluminum blisters are pressed, the thin aluminum wall is broken, realising the fluorescent solution allowing the user to control brightness and number of activations. A variety of non- radiate, non-toxic, and non-harmful colors are available.


  • Warning signs for asbestos removal
  • Route safety: marking of steps / hazards
  • SOS situations / pathway marking
  • Traffic control / Vehicle marking
  • LZ/ DZ / obstacles / equipment marking
  • Small room illumination
  • Instructions and direction sign
  • Personnel / convoy identification


  • Eight different colours available including infrared
  • Custom made legends/graphics on request
  • Control over the illumination intensity and duration
  • Lighting time: 4 to 12 hours when all cells are activated at the
    same time and up to 96 hours on individual cell activation
  • Shock resistant


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