Hand Bearing Compass


Betalights provide the compass with a continuous and secure light source that preserves night-vision and enables readings to be taken quickly in partial and total darkness. Parallax errors are eliminated by a prism that projects the reading of the bearing to infinity. A wide 20° field of view ensures optimised conditions for taking bearings and red lubber lines make reading quick and easy. The compass is supported by a 5 year warranty.


  • Long Service Life
  • Supported by a 5 year warranty
  • Absolutely reliable Betalight light source
  • No Parallax errors, no bubbles or leaks
  • Dual-use hand bearing and traditional compass
  • No batteries, bulbs, spares or switches
  • Smooth, non-slip casing and ergonomic design
  • Neck cord for easy deployment
  • Optimised performance for reading and bearings
  • Operation temperature from -20 °C to +60 °C and underwater to a depth of 50 metres
  • Available in green and desert


  • Good protection against hard knocks: the smooth finish is soft to the touch and will not slip, even when wet
  • Outstanding legibility of the card, with one-degree graduations
  • No parallax error: a prism projects the reading of the bearing to infinity. This also contributes to a more comfortable operation, as there is no need to alternate close reading to read the card and infinite reading to take bearings
  • Optimum conditions to take bearings, thanks to the superb card stability and the wide 20° fi eld of view, which will accommodate the roughest sea conditions
  • Most accurate bearing: the pivot and very hard stone are a guarantee of long life and shock resistance of the compass
  • Soft bottom cell: engineered using ultrasonic welding, it acts like an expansion diaphragm, preventing the formation of bubbles and leaks
  • Built-in tritium illumination, completely maintenance-free, impervious to corrosion, operates without batteries and a lifetime of more than 15 years
  • Course reading from above the compass: readings can be taken in the standard fashion, without having to look through the prism


Illumination of the compass is self-powered, requiring no batteries, bulbs, switches or secondary light source. They are rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -20° to 60° and underwater to a depth of 50m. Note: compasses are calibrated for use in the Northern Hemisphere as standard.


Illumination is provided by Betalights® fixed securely within the unit. SRB Technologies is the original developer of Betalights®, innovative technology that uses gaseous tritium activation of phosphor within a sealed glass tube to produce light. Betalights® are self-powered, providing an absolutely reliable light source throughout their service life of 10 years. They contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free.


Diameter : 83 mm
Height : 33 mm
Weight : 105 g

Colour: green or dessert
Scale: mills or degrees

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