Safety Products

Safety products promote a safe work environment, keeping employees aware of potential
hazards and reinforcing important safety precautions and policies.

But not only in work environments are our products very useful, also in areas such as
theathers or airplanes for showing corridors or seats.

Our GTLS and GTLD are manufactured to an extremely high technical standard and have the best
optimum performance to ensure product integrity for means of escape location and emergency
equipment identification, during an emergency situation.

Loss of power and lighting in the event of an emergency, coupled with the possibility of the
presence of smoke, can cause panic and confusion for the evacuee.

Betalights H3 safety products, when used effectively to locate, identify and instruct on all aspects
of fire safety management, can make a major difference in an emergency situation.  

Betalight b.v. offers a huge selection of safety products for sale that are tritium illuminated and
operate normally in all environmental conditions, even underwater and over a service life of 10+ years. 

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