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Betalight b.v. is the leading supplier of Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS), known also as Betalights and Gaseous Tritium Light Devices (GTLD). Betalights are unique, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life without the need for any kind of electrical power. On this website, we provide you with an overview of the range of Betalight tactical devices. Each device is supported by a detailed, technical data sheet and can be identified by a NATO stock number. For technical data sheets, please fill in below form.


  • Operate in temperatures from -60 °C to +80 °C
  • Self-illuminating, requires no batteries or
    secondary light source
  • Light weight (fight light)
  • Absolutely reliable service-life up to 15 years
  • Water resistant
  • No heat is generated
  • No maintenance


This unique and innovative light source is the solution for
a wide range of lighting applications where the use of an
electrical power supply is not possible or acceptable.


Illumination of our devices is provided by Betalights
fixed securely within the units. Betalights use innovative
technology that harnesses gaseous tritium activation
of phosphor powder within a sealed tube to generate a
continuous light-source. Betalights are self-illuminating,
requiring no batteries or secondary light source. They
require no maintenance or spare parts and provide
absolutely reliable, continuous service. Betalights operate
normally in temperatures from -60 °C to +80 °C and in
adverse environmental conditions, even when immersed
in water. No heat is generated, therefore, they are ideal for
hazardous situations such as ammunition depots or fuel
storage areas. Betalights provide absolutely reliable light
for up to 15 years and are significant contribution to energy
saving programs. Betalights are now the automatic solution
where electric power is not available or acceptable. 

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